The major goals of TQIN&HS are as follows:

  • To promote the leadership in healthcare profession and provide competent personnel to the communities.
  • To provide quality healthcare skills comparable to international standards.
  • To collaborate with other healthcare institutions for strengthening the teaching and learning process.
  • To promote research culture among the students, faculty, staff, and management.


The objectives of the Institute are to:

  • Function as an effective leader, role model, and advocate for clients in clinical practice and in education.
  • Integrate knowledge of theory and research in advance nursing areas.
  • Scientifically investigate issues relevant to advanced nursing education and nursing practice.
  • Evaluate personal achievements, professional growth and excellence in practice.
  • Create conductive teaching learning and working environment within the campus.
  • ┬áConduct open house meeting for getting critical feedback for the bringing change in the campus environment.
  • Emphasize the ethical, cultural and professional values.
  • Arrange professional programs such as seminar, workshop, poster competition, and debate etc.
  • Participation of students, faculty members to attend professional development programs / sessions in other nursing and non-nursing institutions.
  • Practice high quality nursing care to clients at the highest level based on current knowledge from pure and applied sciences.
  • Analyze and relate the nursing practice on philosophy, policy, and standards of nursing profession.
  • Carry out leadership skills at the highest level within the political, social and health care systems within nursing profession.
  • Educate clients, members of staff and trainees from various schools of nursing.
  • Collaborate with other health care stakeholders in the delivery of comprehensive nursing, health and related medical care.
  • Train skilled nurses for existing health care system in Pakistan to reduce the burden of diseases.
  • Utilize the nursing process in provision of cost-effective high quality nursing care to clients with different nursing and health related services.
  • Keep abreast with up-to-date knowledge and skills through continuous self-development.
  • Create research culture so that students, faculty, staff, and management can utilize or participate in research studies.
  • Conduct, disseminate and utilize research findings in the improvement of nursing and related services.
  • Assume responsibility for career development and participation in life-long learning